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    Creating a Link to an External Site

    Patty McEnaney

      Hello All,


      I received a request from a content owner of our internal community who would like community members searching for specifc terms to somehow be directed to a link to an external page. We have Jive 7.0 hosted, and I don't believe I have the "Promoted" feature. We would like to search for certain words like "impact" "impact investing" "impact services" "SRI", and have "something" showing up in search results. My two ideas are to create a widget with the name "Impact Investing" with a link to the external space (is this even doable?). Or, I could create an "Impact Investing Resources" document and include all the search terms in there and embed a link into the document. Does anyone else have any other ideas? Thanks.


      Bekie Hogsed Abu Thomas Raji Shiju

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          Hey, Patty McEnaney. I'm all about keeping things simple if I can, so I like your second option. I'd also recommend you use Jive Outcomes and mark the document as Official to help the weighting in search results.


          If this external page is something that you think a considerable percentage of your community will need to access on a regular basis, then you may consider additional ways to incorporate it in their user paths, such as adding it to a global nav Quick Links drop down, adding to Place landing pages, etc.

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