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    Minimizing Ask widget


      Hi, all,

      Can we customize Ask widget for overview page - we need to minimize it and hide (delete) the button "Ask it" ?

      Because now it takes a lot of space on overview page (3 lines)

      Thank you

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          Can someone recommend smth on subject?

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            Hi Ekaterina,

            Unfortunately there is not an option to remove the Ask it button from within that particular widget. However a space admin can completely remove the widget from the page.


            Since the option to customize the widget's appearance is not available, you might consider creating an idea for it here Ideas for Jive. This would allow others to vote up the idea and help it gain visibility with our Products team.

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                Thank you for the answer, I'll create the idea.

                I saw the topic in several examples (actually it is built-in widget "Ask" without "Ask it" button):

                Welcome | Penn Foster Student Community

                Welcome | BMC Communities

                Welcome | EngineerZone

                And decided to ask.

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                    Hi ekaterina,


                    Although you cannot completely eliminate the "Ask it" button in the Ask Widget, you can customize the "Ask" text to say whatever you want.


                    To edit the text, simply:

                    1. Go to the group > select the Manage button > choose Overview Page
                    2. Either add the "Ask" widget, or if already added, select the dropdown arrow of that widget to edit.
                    3. Then, simply edit the "Submit button text" to update the "Ask it" button
                    4. Click Save Properties within the widget
                    5. Publish Layout to save changes to your group's overall page




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                        BTW On the main page I can see only

                        But, ok. In other places editing this widget looks like you've said.

                        On the main page the space is critical and the extra line for the button is needless.

                        Nevertheless, Thank you for help

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                            Hi ekaterina,


                            Ah, this is because you are actually using a totally different widget! Above you are showing the Search widget, which is a little bit different functionality from the Ask widget. The search widget allows a user to type in text to search within either that group or the community at large. The ask widget allows a user to ask a question, if that question has already been asked in that group or the community at large, similar questions will appear, otherwise, the user can ask their own unique question by starting a discussion.


                            Let me know if that makes sense!

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