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    Embed Real Time Chat (RTC) service via HTML Tile (iframe??)

    Jordan Dayton



      We'd like to have a sub-space of our Jive-X cloud community where members can come and connect with others who happen to be online, and chat. We also want to have some specific times where we will be hosting an "open office hours" type of experience for our members to drop in and get questions answered by product SME's.


      I looked in several other thread but could not find a good solution for embedding some kind of real time chat. I tried a bunch of chat tools that I found, on the web but couldn't get them to work.


      I resorted to seeing if I could embed an iframe but could not get that to work either! For example, I tried to use an iframe with Ryver, and after I save the widget the screen is just blank.


      1. Any advice on some RTC tools that we could get to work?

      2. Any advice on why iframe's might not be working?

      Here's the code we used:


      <iframe src="https://canvaschat.ryver.com/index.html" width="100%" height="900px"></iframe>
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          Jordan we're looking at writing an interface/wrap in Zoom.  I've asked several times for chat and other messaging but nothing on the roadmap I think for JiveX.

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              Jordan Dayton

              Sad, right?! We live in a world where being able to instantly connect to the people and the information we need is an expectation. We Google. We call someone. We text. We chat. Jive-x is a phenomenal platform, but it fosters communication via their community tool, and email. This does not align with the expectations of so many. And we want to meet our customers on a higher plane. We want our customers to be able to connect with each other and be a support network. In all respects, it would be nice to have this real-time communication in all of the communities of interest/practice of which we are a part!


              We are testing out Ryver right now as a real time chat solution. http://www.ryver.com/  So far we've been very pleased. It's very similar to Slack, if you are familiar with that tool.


              Katie Mehnert do you have an open community? I'd love to see this Zoom integration in action, if you end up going that route!

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                  Jordan I think this *and* the Linkedin integration stuff that used to work in JiveX are going to limit its ability to ramp on more members/users.  There is SO much I love about Jive but this notion my members cannot communicate via chat or video is crazy - it's 2016 and we all want ways to interact.  Zoom is a simple product that the former Exec of Cicsco Engineering went out and got seed money in the valley and has grown.  It's THE best platform to speak/video across multiple companies and it has a chat component -- the interface is CRAZY simple that my 5 year old can use it.  I've not invested down this route yet because I'm not sure where we are headed with Jive and want to hang tight to see if there's something coming.  However, I have been working with other JiveX customers to share dev costs on other things we've built so if that interests you let's talk.  We use Zoom on our phones and its brilliant.  And I've tested pretty much everything on the market in the energy sector which tends to be UNFRIENDLY to anything NON MS or IBM based.


                  i'd be happy to give you access to our community.  We have open and closed.  community.pinkpetro.com - if u like it I'll get you a user name...

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