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    Has Jive developed the apps to allow configuration parameter passing via an MDM?

    Tim Smith

      For example, here is the excerpt from the MobileIron AppConnect guide:

      The MobileIron Core administrator can set up app-specific configuration on Core for AppConnect for Android apps. This configuration is in the form of key-value pairs. Your app can receive these key-value pairs. Specifically, when you implement configuration handling in your app, your app: • requests the current configuration when it first runs. Your app then receives an asynchronous response containing the key-value pairs. • receives updates to the configuration. MobileIron provides the following apps to help you add configuration handling to your app: • a sample AppConnect app that implements configuration handling. You can use this sample app’s code as a starting point for your own. For more information, see “Sample apps” on page 34. • an app for testing your app’s configuration handling, without using Core or the Mobile@Work app, and without submitting your app to MobileIron for wrapping. For more information, see “Testing configuration handling” on page 36.