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    Turning off table sort functionality


      It seems like the Cloud version has functionality that allows end users to sort a table by clicking on the header cell in a table. This is very disconcerting to end users who inadvertently click on the table and see the content change. Is there a way of turning this functionality off. If not, I'd seriously expect this to be added as an enhancement to the next version.

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          Hi Colum,

          Thanks for the feedback. Currently the intended behavior is for users to be able to sort by clicking on the header. Although there is not a way to turn this off, if a user is unsure of the original layout they can refresh the page and original order will display. Additionally, when a users goes to edit/update the table, the original layout will be shown.


          If the ability to turn off sorting is something you would like to see in future releases you are welcome to create an idea for it here Ideas for Jive. This will allow others to vote it up and to help it gain visibility with our Products team.

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