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    How can I unpublish, but not delete, a blog?


      I have published many blogs and wish to keep a record of them, but unpublish a few in order to streamline the blog list for readers to only the most current/important entries.    IS there a way to unpublish yet retain a blog?   

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          Hi Larry,


          While the ability to unpublish/archive a blogpost is not currently in the platform, there are a couple of options available:


          - If you would like to see this as a featured added to a future release I would recommend submitting an idea to the Ideas for Jive space, where out Product Managers review through top rated ides when considering potential new features.


          - Additionally, in the current release you can create a group or space that only allows selected users access, and move the blog posts to that group/space. This will allow you to maintain a copy of the blogpost content, but will remove it from the list of blog posts found in your blog's list.



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