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    Can´t connect to Video Portal


      We lost the connection to the Videoserver hostet by JIVE


      com.jivesoftware.service.reco.http.client.InvalidExecutionException: send exception: Connection to https://in.genius.jivesoftware.com:443 refused


      We get an 403!


      Quota expired?


      Login is Valid, Licence is valid.


      Any tips to pinpoint the problem?

        • Re: Can´t connect to Video Portal

          Hi Frank,


          From the error above this appears to be related to the recommender service connection in your instance (admin console >> system >> settings >> activity engine).


          However, in order to troubleshoot this behavior further I would suggest submitting a case in your secret customer group here in the Jive Community so that the next available support engineer can assist with investigations specific to your instance.