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    Jive Daily Questions/Help


      Hi all,


      I'm getting ready to roll out the Jive Daily app for our employees.  I've been testing the app and have a  few questions I hope someone can help answer? Thanks!


      • I've copied Dina Vekaria-Patel at Pearson's lead and we are switching our overview page into the News page.  We added a few tiles (like hero banners and a few other featured content items and quick links).  I noticed these don't appear in the News stream in the Jive Daily app- it's just the blogs themselves (no tiles) right?  Do these appear somewhere else in the app or no?  We have a distributed workforce who is highly mobile and I was hoping to surface key documents (such as issues and messaging) which we have on the desktop homepage version, but I also want to deliver to mobile.  A bit lost on how to do this since the tiles don't show up on the News tab in mobile!
      • I am using the Tiles + Pages set up in some Groups. I went to view these groups in the mobile app since I was told this set up is mobile responsive, and I am shocked that I don't see the same thing as I do on the desktop in this group?  It is for sure using Tiles + Pages set up.  All i see is featured content in one example and in another example, it even defaults just to the Activity page (even though I have created a page called 'Home' which is what I thought would be the default in mobile as well!)


      Am I doing something wrong / not set something up properly? Literally ALL of the groups I have set up with Tiles + Pages are not showing any content in the mobile app; they don't even show the same Group banner (showing strange banners I've never uploaded). I can see all of the content under the CONTENT tab in mobile, but how can I get the mobile layout to mimic more what I have in the desktop set up?




      cc Edman Perez