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    How to segment Bunchball activity


      Hi All,


      I have a feeling that what I am about to ask is impossible, but here goes.


      We recently launched a customer moderator program, where customers with expanded permissions
      mark content as correct, assumed answered etc.  They are in a sense moderators for a space.


      Some of the badges we have are based partially on marking answers correct.  So now these customer moderators
      are going to gain points and more badges due to this new activity.


      Anyone have any creative approaches or ideas so that their activity as moderators and their activity as a regular
      community member can be separated?  Or am I concerned about nothing?   Because as moderators should
      they earn more anyway?





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          Sanford Ross

          Hi Jamie, this is certainly not the realm of impossible. User segmentation is a Bunchball platform/API feature which is not exposed, by default, in the built-in Jive AGM solution. But if you'd like to explore technical options to leverage this API, please message me directly and I'm happy to step you through it.