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    Community Notification Settings


      Is there a way to configure default notification settings for all community users?  We would like to make sure our internal community users have certain notification settings turned on (with the understanding they may choose to make changes at a later date).


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          Hi Wendy,

          The following properties can be used to change the default notification settings. However since cloud customers do not have access to the system properties, cloud customers will want to open a case within your private support group with the request to change a specific property.


          NEWLY INSTALLED SBS Employee instances

          notify.communications.internal.new.default.preferenceboolean (default: false)Communications page preference
          notify.action.alerts.notifications.internal.new.default.preferenceboolean (default: false)Notifications in my actions page preference

          boolean (default: false)

          Note: No longer relevant in 7.0+

          Action alerts in my actions page preference


          boolean (default: false)Moderation alerts in my actions page preference
          notify.direct.social.actions.internal.default.preferenceboolean (default: true)Direct Social Actions preference




          digest(2) (default)

          Followed activity (digest email)

          boolean (default: false)

          Note: Only available in 6.0.2 and newer

          Connections Stream

          This document provides a full list of email integration settings FAQ: Configuring and Troubleshooting Email Integration


          Hope this helps.

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