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    how to add link in the Inbox page

    Sowjanya Gonuguntla

      Hi Team,


      Please let me know how can i add link in the Inbox page (i.e below the inbox).

      I tried having an entry in sring.xml as


      <bean id="homeNavActivityCustomLink" class="com.registration.action.ActivityLinkCustom" parent="actionLinkBase"


              <property name="ID" value="jive-nav-link-actions"/>

              <property name="nameKey" value="nav.bar.actions.link"/>

              <property name="linkCss" value="j-ui-elem"/>

              <property name="iconCss" value="jive-icon-actions"/>

              <property name="url" value="/news" />





      <bean id="homeNavLinksActivityCustom" class="com.jivesoftware.community.util.spring.MergeableCollection" scope="prototype" parent="homeNavLinks">

              <property name="source">

                  <util:list value-type="com.jivesoftware.community.navbar.HomeNavLink" scope="prototype">


                      <ref bean="homeNavActivityCustomLink"/>






      ActivityLinkCustom.java class has


      public class ActivityLinkCustom extends HomeNavLink {


          public String getUrl() {

                return "/news";




          public boolean isVisible() {

              return true;


      Tried changing the property values in the spring.xml and extending AbstractActionLink

      Please assist me to add link.