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    Is Producteev maintained, live and kicking?



      I have been browsing forums but could not find answers regarding an up to date producteev status. I came up with an interesting similar question left unanswered for more than a year... Producteev 2015 and beyond


      I have started a pilot test of Producteev within my group (browser based version as we are PC users). It seems to be a very well designed, simple,  and useful piece of software and to my opinion the best team task manager I have tried so far.

      However, during business hours in the UK, the system is very slow and most of the time is not responsive at all (For example you create a new task, the “loading” box appears for a while and then disappears without any effect). In the end, the goal assigned to producteev (to be more efficient) is not matched since plenty of time is wasted during software “freeze”?


      It is a real pity not to be able to make the most out of this great software. Is that normal? Is Producteev still being maintained? Is it abandoned? Do we have to get the premium to get it to work normally?

      I think it would be fair to let the interested users know.

      Many thanks in advance for your help.