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    Jive Rest API : search document in multi-languages with /search/contents endpoint




      I used Jive REST API endpoint in international context. Because, search result are not always revelant in multi-cultural language (like developper in english and developper in french),


      In my case, the result contains unrevelant documents in polish.


      So I decided to apply the user locale to search, and I add the locale filter  filter=locale(fr) or es, en too , but the result are always the same. In deeping in Jive instance configuration (with this doc https://community.jivesoftware.com/docs/DOC-169914)


      I saw our Jive instance, doesn't support :



      I have 2 questions :


      • If I apply the parameter 'Enable multi-language search' , adn we rebuild all indexs  :
        • Do the search engine will be more revelant after configuration (or not) ?
        • Do the locale filter works after ?
      • On the document, I can't see which properties embedded the locale data of a document ?


      PS : Bertrand Quesada could you help us about theses questions ?