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    @mentions in externalObjects / StreamTile posts messing up Jive inbox


      Hello everyone,


      this posting has two purposes:


      1) I'd like to find out if we're the first Jive Partner or Jive customer who is using @mentions in externalObjects - or if you (the valued reader) have also hit this problem in your applications.


      If you did, please chime in with a comment to let the Jive product team know this is something important to fix. Or, open a case with Jive and mention this thread or this support case @mentions in externalObjects / StreamTile posts messing up Jive inbox


      2) We have opened a support case with Jive about this, but since this is in our private support space, our customers can't comment on this.



      Please read what this is about:


      Problem description:


      We are creating externalObjects via StreamTiles / Stream Integration whenever a Recognition Story is created. This externalObject also contains @mentions about the users involved.


      Example from a Jive Cloud demo environment: https://jivedemo-tembosocial.jiveon.com/news?streamSource=publication&streamID=293 

      Can be reproduced in Jive Cloud as well as Jive8.x environments (hosted and on-prem)

      So, after posting this externalObject with @mentions in the body, the Jive inbox starts to behave erroneously. We can reproduce several issues:


      If the Jive inbox unread count is set to zero (reset via "mark all read") before the first externalObject/@mentions combination is posted, an unread counter of (1) will appear in all mentioned person's inboxes. However, there is no story listed as "unread" (in bold). The story with the "you have been mentioned" will appear under one of the older, already read stories.

      There's also no means to make it "read", aside from the "mark all read" method - as it does not show under its own headline/subject.


      After posting a few, this is an example of an inbox completely out of sync:


      - unread count of 3, but no unread stories in the inbox

      - externalObject story under "Connection Updates", which is also highlighted twice

      - one of which has an timestamp of "2 months ago", while the story was "2 hours ago" - but it is not the correct headline anyway

      Summing this up, we are not using any hidden or unsupported API, but are following these documents:

      Getting Started > Creating an External Activity Stream



      The thing is - when there's an @mentions in the externalObjects content, the Jive inbox gets out of sync. Our customers are reporting the same behaviour.


      It would be interesting to know if we are the first ones using @mentions in externalObjects / Stream Tile posts.






      cc: Ryan Rutan

      Butch Marshall

      Brennan Kirby

      Elysha Ames

      Steven Green

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          Just letting everyone following this thread know that the support case mentioned above is still active and currently the Jive support is looking into some details (JSON payload, requests being made) we provided.


          I'll keep you posted.


          Also, feel free to weigh in if this affects you also.






          cc: Brennan Kirby Steven Green

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              Scott A Johnson

              Hi Markus, did you ever get a resolution to this issue? I'm also seeing weird behaviour with activity stream entries in the inbox. Mine are displaying blank in the inbox list view. Sounds like a slightly different issue.




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                  Hi Scott,


                  sorry it took me so long - busy days just before year-end....


                  So, yes the original problem has been solved in Jive 9 and Cloud, and we received a working backport for 8.0.3 and 8.0.4 ("a-fixpack-for-JIVE-76041-v803_804.jar"). Not sure if I should publicly share it - better ask your Jive support contact and mention this backport (which includes the JIVE-76041 ticket no).


                  However, with the bigger problem solved, we're seeing something new (we already have a ticket open for that but no JIVE-xxxx no yet).


                  The "<joe schmoe> mentioned you..." notification is coming from the wrong user - the post itself is fine, the Inbox is stable, the user gets the notification in his inbox.... but it comes from himself instead of the sending user. If you follow below description, you'll see what I mean:


                  Actor in the JSON post is Butch Marshall

                  In the description html, there's two @mentions (Butch Marshall and Sylvester Depaiva).


                  However, if Sylvester logs in (follow the numbers)

                  (1) I'm logged in as Sylvester

                  (2) The "mentions notification" is highlighted

                  (3) It correctly shows that is has been sent by (posted on behalf of) Butch Marshall and

                  (4) also shows his Avatar


                  (5) it says that Sylvester mentioned me - it should say "Butch Marshall mentioned you in...", since the StreamPost was sent by Butch. Sylvester was mentioned. He did not mention himself.


                  As I said - the Stream Post / externalObject itself is OK (see below) - it is just that the @mentions notification in the user's inbox is coming from the wrong person.