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    A few News questions


      Hi all - I am moving to a News based homepage for Jive-n and had a few questions I wanted to ask you all.  I know Dina Vekaria-Patel is quite the news expert, and many others might be as well! Here are my (many!) questions. Thank you in advance for any guidance!


      Seeking general guidance on news stream set up

      Our internal comms approach is totally asynchronous and one of our top use cases for Jive-n is to have a place where people can share their stories (specifically, what their working on and what value it brings for others, etc).  We do this through blogs, so hence why the news/blogs based homepage is key for us.  I am debating on the best way to set up the news streams though so that everyone's blogs are given some 'air time' and easy to see. I should also say that our first step is to simply make streams for ALL USERS, we are not ready to target people as the Active Directory data isn't on par yet and will cause too many issues for us. We have deep silos in our small 350 person organization, and we're using blogs and the news based homepage to help break down these silos so people understand what's happening, how their work contributes to others', etc.


      Streams I'm considering- for all users:

      1. CEO blog - generates email
      2. Company News - official stuff from the Communications team - no email
      3. Global Leader (execs) blogs - no email
      4. Business areas (e.g Operations; Engagement; Internet Technology) - no email - essentially pulling blogs from all department spaces and key groups that have 'all staff info' to share; not anything private...
        1. Should I make this 1 stream and add all the spaces/groups in one rule? Should I build out multiple rules so that in the future it's easy to add a targeted stream? Is there any difference in set up?
        2. Or should I split the 3 business areas out into separate streams all together e.g one for Operations, one for Engagement one for Internet Technology?


      Specific questions

      • Super list tile -I want to use it to pull all of my Executive Blogs onto the News based homepage, but this means pulling from about 8 personal blogs into the super list tile.  So far I've only found a way to pull from 1 source; not 8 in the super list.  Is there something I'm not aware of for the super list tile, or should I consider a different set up for Exec Blogs- like the News stream?
      • How can I add a tag into the custom/system news streams e.g I tell it to pull from Communications Space blogs + anything tagged as 'homepage' for example? I need a quick/light process that if something was not published in the Comms space (because we are asynchronous so everyone has the 'pen' at my organization!) that I could quickly tag it and bring it into the stream without needing to 'move' it...I know you can add a tag to the streams you create yourself, but can't seem to see how to do it for the SYSTEM WIDE ones.
      • There is a default News stream on the desktop experience called just News - what makes it into this stream? For example, if I have 4 custom news streams (system ones) set up, I'd love it if this default News stream would show 1 from each of the 4 custom streams....but it doesn't.  It shows just 1 randomly (not sure why- it is not the latest blog either) and then some top and trending/following ones.  Is there some way to customize or delete this default News stream and make a different stream the default for users?
        • On Jive Daily the default news stream is called News Highlights - what is this pulling from? It is showing probably what I'm following as well as my custom news streams. Same question- any ability to influence what is pulled here or set a different stream as default (from my end, not the users?)
      • I have added about 8 custom news streams - see below screen shot- as a test.  I notice it goes to a drop down menu format, rather than list across horizontally.  What's the magic number of streams to keep it so it lists horizontally and avoid the drop down menu? Anyone know? Note: the News (first stream) is the one I asked about in 3rd bullet above. Can I influence what is shown on this stream or not? Can I change the name of the stream?)

      Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 10.19.43 AM.png

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          Kara Francis

          Very thoughtful questions.  I’ll just respond to one of them for now…




          There may be a more authoritative answer on your final question – how many streams to avoid the drop down.  I believe that it relates to the overall number of streams (and actually the number of characters in the stream names – the real estate used) that a user has and not necessarily the global streams that you are creating.  For example, we have 3 “News” streams, but I have several custom streams.  My “news” streams are listed in a drop down while my custom streams remain on my view.  Once your stream list gets too long (wide), then the final real estate area on the right says “more” and lists any custom stream that didn’t fit.




          On my view, News converts to a drop down menu when my overall horizontal list reaches midway past the far right column (we have a wide left and narrow right view).  That immediately leaves me more horizontal space on my Custom Streams.  But once my Custom Streams hit that midway point on the far right column again, then the last “spot” on my horizontal view becomes a drop down, but I see the rest of my custom streams.

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              Thank you Kara.  I know what you mean- there is a 'sweet spot' in the width before the news puts it into the drop down menu.  I have deleted some custom streams so it's down to 4 instead of the 8 listed in the screen shot and I also have 3 of my own streams I made, so 4 news streams (admin-created) + 3 self-made ones still results in a drop down menu.


              I too have the wide left column + narrow right set up.

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              I also just found one answer to my question on super list from multiple exec blogs.  Unfortunately you can only do a super list from 1 place per tile, so that's a no go for me.


              see Re: Can I include multiple groups in a SuperList Tile query?