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    Get active place announcements



      we need to send emails for system announcements to only users who are in certain permission groups. We do not have a custom war so I tried to extend HomePageAnnouncementTask in a plugin but it caused lot of errors.

      Now my other option is to use  Place Announcements (Users' access on spaces I can control with permission groups) which will always send emails only to the followers of those spaces. I am thinking of showing all the place announcements that user can see in the overview page in a widget.  I saw there is an api exists for getting all Active system announcements. But I do not see an api to get all place announcemnts.

      I know https://developers.jivesoftware.com/api/v3/cloud/rest/PlaceService.html#getPlaceAnnouncements(String, int, int, boolean, boolean, String)

      to get announcements to a specific Place. But I need all place announcements that logged in user can see.


      Can anyone Chime in here and let me know the best way to achieve this.