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    Can someone help me understand Jive project status codes in system log files?


      I'm a researcher looking into the factors that can predict project success, and am working with a company that is using Jive.  I'm specifically looking at groups that use the project management features in Jive.  In looking at the project data that is generated by their use of Jive's project features, I can see 4 different types of project status coded in the system log files:  0, which appears to mean "started;"  1, which appears to mean "in progress;" 2, which appears to mean "in further progress;" and finally, 99, which appears to mean "project completed."  Would anyone happen to know anything about how these project codes come about?  I'm assuming a user sets them, but am unsure what guidance a user is given to determine the transition from one code to the next.  When does the project move from "started" to "in progress?"  And what is the difference between a code of 1 and a code of 2 in terms of what is actually happening in a project?  Any insight on what these codes mean would be of great help.  Thanks!

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          Thanks to Ryan Ruark, I think I have the answer to this now.  It appears that these data codes are tied to the slider that appears under the project status widget.  A project manager can at any time move the slider from left to right (I guess or vice versa), with three stops:  all the way to the right (and the slider is tinted green) means the project is "on track." I am thinking this is given a code of 2.  All the way to the left (and the slider bar there is tinted red) means the project is "critical, or in crisis" and I am assuming this is assigned a code of 0 in the database.  In the middle, where the slider bar is tinted orange, means the project is "at risk, or delayed" and assigned a code of 1 in the database.  Somewhere there is a checkbox for when the project is completed, and it appears in the database that the project status field is then given a code of 99.


          If anyone who works with the backend end database schema can confirm, I'd appreciate it.  I created a new project here in some test space (test1234) to look at this widget (don't have access to my own Jive space, unfortunately) but didn't see the widget, so if anyone also knows how I place it on my project overview, some instructions on how to do it would be much appreciated.