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    Mac software, when viewing PEOPLE, it shows the tasks, but not the project in which it belongs.


      Hi, thanks for reading me.


      As a new user of Producteev (which I love) I have added projects and tasks for my team.

      Now if I select BOB for example from the people list, i see all of BOB's tasks.


      However, I don't see which project that task relates to.


      So, Bob may have 5 projects, with similar actions (like read me, approve me). When clicking on BOB I can see 10 'read me' tasks, and 10 'approve me' tasks. But I can't tell which tasks is associated with Project X, or project Y.

      I have had a look at settings, and on this forum, but couldn't' find this.


      Can anyone help, or advice?


      Many thanks,

      ~ Paul