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    Can we disable promotion of Jive for Mobile?


      We have an internal community and we wrap/sign our own packages. So having users click on a link to download an app which won't work doesn't make sense and is misleading and causing support headaches and negative sentiment.


      We can customize our email templates but not all promotions are so easy. The promotion in your Inbox for new users is the one we can't make go away - this one:




      Is it possible to disable this and (and maybe force delete it from inboxes)?

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          Hi Matthew,


          Reviewing through your inquiry, this might be possible, depending on the version of Jive you are running. As such I would suggest trying out the following system properties in your UAT/DEV instance:


          jive.new.feature.notification.enabled = false (will disable new feature notifications on a global level)

          jive.mobile.nativeapp.allowed = false (will disallow the native Jive apps in your instance)

          jive.mobile.app.url = {URL for iOS distribution point}

          jive.mobile.android.app.url = {URL for Android distribution point}


          However, if these are not working in your specific version of Jive I would recommend creating a case in your customer group as a next step so that the next available support engineer can perform additional investigations based on your specific instance.