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    Jive-x SSO - "Application username format" must be the email address?

      I have read in some Okta support materials that:

      A Jive Cloud (Internal) version can use any Okta primary identifier as the username.
      JiveX (externa) has a limitation where the "Application username format" must be the email address. If you try to provision a new account using the UPN or another identifier in this case you will get a provisioning failure

      Can anyone confirm if this is true or not?

      We want to match the username, which is a number not the email address (as this might change).

        • Re: Jive-x SSO - "Application username format" must be the email address?

          Hi James,


          From the Jive side, the following is the default behavior of a Jive-X/N instance:


          Default for Internal = Username is always email

          Default for External = Username is never email


          As such, the snippet might be reversed in the Okta materials you are referencing, or this could potentially be the expected design of their implementation. To confirm, I would recommend reaching out to the Okta team for additional information on their specific SSO integration or, if you are interested in integrating your Jive instance with an SSO provider our Professional Services team can also assist in scoping out the project and help set-up the integration. Please submit a case in your secret customer group here in the Jive Community if you would like to pursue this option and the next available support member can get an engagement started.