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    API GET request with Multiple parameters


      I am looking to pull back content from a particular Jive space AND  which has been published after a particular date and I can't seem to accomplish this via the A.P.I. Hopefully I am missing something.


      Via the Place Service

      Jive REST API v3.14 → Place service


      GET /places/{placeID}/contents

      it appears the only parameter supported is the type parameter


      And using the Search Service

      Jive REST API v3.14 → Search service

      GET /search/contents

      It says " Only one filter of each type is allowed". Now does this mean that I can only use one filter in any one request? For example, I need to use the place filter AND  the after filter. If this is possible, could some one provide an example of using two filters in the url string please?


      Alternatively, is there another service I'm missing which will satisfy the requirment?





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          Scott A Johnson

          Hi Cen,


          The easiest way I see to accomplish this would be to use the Place Contents service with the sort parameter, specifying dateCreatedDesc. This will retrieve only content from that place and will not filter, but order the content with the most recently created first. Afterwards making the api call, include some simple logic in your client script to stop reading results once content created after the specified cutoff date is found. You'll potentially read between 1 and 'count' extra content items from the web service call, but those can be thrown away.


          It doesn't appear the Search service allows to filter on "create/publish" date. The after and before filters check the last modified times, which may not be what you're looking for.


          Hope this helps,


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