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    Dynamic Image Height on HTML Widget IFrame


      Hi all,


      I am using the Jive API to display document links in a HTML widget on a Jive space. The links are displayed using an image attached in the document. The html is then created with jQuery and then inserted into the page. These images vary in width and height and so I am attempting to use a masonry type display to get the images to slot in quite nicely. The image widths are set via percentage and so this means that the images heights vary and are dynamic. In Firefox and Internet explorer, the Html widget resizes and the images align quite nicely with my current CSS and using the Jive resizeMe() function to to adjsut the Iframe height. However, in chrome, the HTML widget is not resizing correctly and the images over lap.


      I'm hoping there is a specific work around for Chrome in this instance? Any further information required, please let me know.