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    Help toolkits


      We are on the process of revamping our "Help Centre" which is a go-to place for anyone who needs any technical support. At the moment it already has a lot of contents and getting a little overwhelming so we wanted to simplify it by creating set of toolkits so it's easier for users to find what they are looking for.


      The idea is basically just to group the contents based on different user needs ie toolkits for community managers, on how to increase adoption, for new to the community, etc


      Has anyone done this in the past and willing to share what they've experienced doing this?



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          Have you tried using the support tab?


          you can preload it with spaces, then the side bar acts a lot like amazon to help narrow down the search using Spaces and categories...




          Obviously in this case searching 'Benifits belguim' would get the same results, but we find giving people a stepping stone helps

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            Our fabulous Brewspace community manager, Kosheno Moore, developed our help toolkits.  Here's an example of a set of toolkits for new employees:




            (Names and some confidential content has been whited out in case you are wondering why there are blank spots.)


            Notice the instructions at the top to walk through the onboarding lesson plan.  Kosheno separated out the content into days, based on the complexity of info.  Should you click on Day 2, that content set would expand to cover Place-related content.


            This is a Jive-n Cloud instance (2016.2).

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                Christy, is that second area utilizing the expandable sections tile? (We are hosted so don't have this support tab yet, but it sure does look cool).

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                    Hi Julie,

                    It's using the Content Sets tile.  It's similar to Expandable Sections except it let's you guide users through a content flow.  See what happens once you open a piece of content from the tile:




                    I really LIKE both the expandable sections and the content sets tiles.  Since you are hosted, you could do something similar in v8, using Helpful Links or Key Content and Places.  They won't expand / collapse or link content items in order, BUT you could still display different sets of content.  Whether you hit the limit of 10 links per tile or not, set up a different tile per content set and re-name the tile "Day 1", "Day 2", etc..