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    What happens on Sync User profiles on Login using Active Directory?


      We were looking at a performance issues with using the API.


      We move the API user from AD to local and it goes away.


      We move back to an AD user for the API access, and it returns.


      We disable the "Sync User Profiles on Login" and the performance issue with API goes away.


      So clearly repeatedly using an AD user for API calls is a mistake if you synchronise user profiles on login, and we can avoid it by using a local user for the API calls. So we have solved the issue.


      However was wondering what Jive does in this call that takes so long. Is it also synchronising some unrelated accounts? Disabled users? It seems too quick for all accounts and too slow to be just the one account.


      This is based on 8.0.2, and I see some changes related to disabled federated accounts and other issues fixed in 8.0.3.


      We have a couple of custom user attributes in AD, if this is relevant.