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    Rename Username


      Hi Jive Support!

      My company, Paylocity, recently implemented SSO via OneLogin which has been great. We have ran into 1 issue with some user accounts.


      Long ago, when we did not use SSO, some users decided to register as accounts different than their email address. With OneLogin we use the Email address field for the Username.

      This has caused issues because when the SSO process happens they are registered with a new account, instead of their existing account. They lose all their settings.


      Is there anyway, on the backend, to update certain users? We don't have very many and it would be rare after we fix the existing ones. Or can it be unlocked for Admins to edit the username?

      This would also be an issue if someone has a lastname change, like with a marriage.


      Examples are: Rename JHarris2@paylocity.com (correct settings) to JHarris@paylocity.com and DeniseF@paylocity.com (correct settings) to DFigone@paylocity.com.


      Is this possible?


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          Hi Andy,


          Reviewing though your inquiry I would recommend submitting a case in your secret customer group here in the Jive Community as a next step, so that a member of our support team can assist in reviewing through the specific configuration of your instance and provide options available.