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    Open link into Jive not working


      I have the Jive app for iOS installed with my correct credentials entered.  When I open an email in iOS and select a link to our Jive site Safari presents me with a page to "Install the Jive App", "Open in the Browser", or "Open in the Jive App".  When I select the "Open in Jive App" option I get a dialog "Open this page in Jive" that appears and quickly disappears without a chance of hitting the Ok button.  How do I fix this?  Opening the same link with the Chrome browser on iOS opens up Jive just fine

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          Hi Todd,


          Reviewing through your description of the behavior it appears you might be running into an open issue being tracked as JIVE-69175, which impacts the Safari mobile browser. As a workaround, as you have already discovered, using a non-Safari mobile browser should still work. Additionally, if you would like to track this issue and receive updates on its status, please submit a case in your secret customer group here in the Jive Community and the next available support member can associate your instance with the bug.