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    Producteev not saving changes - red bar on top.


      Having issues saving changes, getting a red bar at top of browser like it was doing on 5/31/16.  Problem just creeped up again - had been working fine since (although have seen red bar a few times although briefly).  Please check on this.

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          Hi Earl,


          Reviewing through your description, this might be related to the announcement made in the Producteev space here in the Jive Community.

          by Mor Avital (June 22, 2016)

          Producteev had been experiencing performance issues whereby tasks couldn't be seen and/or accessed, or a red bar appeared at the top of the page. These issues have now been resolved, please try accessing your tasks again and ensure you can see everything. In the case that you can't, please try logging out and back in, and try again.



          Thank you, and we apologize for the inconvenience.


          However, if you are still seeing red bar messages at the top of your Producteev application, please post a discussion to the Producteev space for additional follow-up (or let me knwo and I can move this discussion over)