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    REST API - Trouble updating Expandable Sections Tiles


      Hey all,


      I've been trying to update existing 'Expandable Sections' tiles within the API (creating new, empty tiles manually on a space page and then passing data through to them with the API), but I've been running into some trouble.


      After getting a $page entity from a space with Activity+Pages, I update the $page.tiles.config and $page.tiles.data then PUT my changes (let's say I created two subsections with 3 documents each).


      All goes well with the data in tiles.config (the changes I made remain in place), but tiles.data is entirely different than what I put there and the end result is that the Expandable Sections tiles contain random documents from our community and not even the correct number of documents that I specified.  The changes to $page.tiles.data aren't sticking and I'm not sure why.


      Hoping someone who's got some experience with tiles might have some insight.