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    Blogs on blogs on blogs.


      I'd love some advice about handling blogs within Jive. We currently have our own corporate blogs, employee blogs that we host, partner blogs that we link to, and community member blogs that we promote. We're looking to move all the blogs that we host into Jive, but what are best practices around featuring content from outside of Jive, within Jive. Of course I'd love if our community members blogged within the community, but I'm not sure I'll convince them to leave their personal blogs or even repost from their blogs. Does anyone feature outside blogs in their community?



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          Billy Volpone

          I've personally seen this, but more so from seeing the corporate site's blogs (usually via marketing or another resource) featured/linked to within the community. However, I think there are many ways to get them to potentially transition to using the blogs within your Jive community. Gamification and creating missions around this would of course be my first suggestion. Making it interesting or fun from a promotion standpoint, not just badges, and creating a theme or call to action is a good way to support the specified mission. The new blog format (if you're on cloud) is also nice because of it's new design and rich banners... much more of a modern blog feel.


          If you want to see one in action (they use an HTML widget I believe, but you could also create a custom tile)... VMTurbo has their Virtualization blogs shown on their community landing page that links out to their actual home:

          Welcome | Green Circle Community


          I'd love to hear from others as well.