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    Document Title Prepends Comma Character and Content is Blank


      When creating a document and save it, the Title prepends a comma to the Title and blanks out the content. Has anybody encountered this type of bug before?


      Was able to replicate the issue the user was having using Internet Explorer but unable to replicate in Chrome or Firefox. Also, able to replictate in different space then what the user has be in.

      1. Go to a Space
      2. Click “Actions”, select “Document”
      3. In Document Content, Click <html> in editor
      4. Click “Always use this editor”
      5. Enter Title
      6. Enter Content
      7. Click “Create Document”
      8. Does not save content, the title prepending ‘ ,’ to Title


      Note:  If I delete the Document, the deleted content still shows up under “Recent Activity” and allows the user to click on the link that goes to "Not Found" error page.  I know it can be deleted from go to Spaces >> Document Management >> Locate the deleted doc and under Actions, click on the  icon this will remove it off of recent activity but is this expected behavior for deleted content.