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    Jive / Mailchimp integration?


      Hi!  Has anyone seen an integration between MailChimp and Jive?  Specifically, I'm trying to get the emails that are sent from Jive (ideally just the ones resulting from News) to be tracked through MailChimp so I can get openrates to compliment the unique views from Jive Analytics.  This sounds like something that would be VERY useful - aggregate browser, email and mobile views to get a total picture based on channel (or better yet workstyle!).  Anyone doing this?  Can anyone from Jive tell us whether this is on the roadmap (Libby Taylor  - where should people ask roadmap questions?).  Thanks!

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          Or has anyone used any other tool where they've placed hidden HTML code in the body of the message to track the open rates?

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            I think what you're asking for is something more like a 3rd thing that sits above Jive and Mailchimp, slurping in data from both.

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              Hi - we use Exact Target for all internal comms, and link back to our jive instance. Open rates  / clicks are tracked in Exact Target.


              We us jive to create our mailing lists, that we manually import.


              We have created branded templates, but the articles are added manually, rather than by any feed from jive.

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                  Thanks!  In this case, I was really hoping to be able to track the email notifications that come out of Jive so I know whether they are resulting in "views".  Sometimes the view count is low and there is no way to know whether people are reading the content, but just in email.  So I'm trying to encourage people to use the Gmail Connector as I'm told it will count as a view. 


                  We're looking at using Salesforce Marketing Cloud (didn't ExactTarget get bought by Salesforce?) too.  Once we get more organized, I'd LOVE to talk to you Tanya Burak  about how you are doing this and we can compare notes!