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    Setting up quests for the 1st time


      Hi all,


      I am Creating quests for the fist time and want to ensure that we do things correctly.  I would like to find out the best way to go about it. We are looking into recruiting some advocates for the community so that we can get the most out of participation and completing the quests.


      • How do users see the quests once created, can we have a number of quests on each space so they are easy to find? Rather than just featuring in each users profile.
      • I created an advocate quest group, is this something that we can have for all users or it just for our chosen advocates to complete them?When some of the new users in our community first log on they are presented with a page of quests that are active (one's we created), is this normal as I don't see this page when I log in?


      I wondered if there are any private groups or suggested groups I can join to get started and learn about the best practices/guidelines to get started. Please let me know of any groups of best resources.


      Much apprecited!