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    Custom pages are broken since mid-June


      Hello Jive Support team,


      Two pages on our community are currently down. They were both custom created and both things were broken around the same time which leads us to suspect if some sort of Jive update occurred and broke the custom coding.


      One of them is a page with a browsing function where users can browse content by using custom filter. The table and the filters are no longer populating the page (please see below):


      The other one is a space where we linked downloadable files on the main page represented by small icons (kind of like an app store).


      Can you please advise what may have gone wrong?


      Any feedback would be appreciated.


      Thank you!

        • Re: Custom pages are broken since mid-June

          Hi Minjung,


          Reviewing through your request there are a couple of options moving forward.


          1. If you would like to confirm if your instance was updated in June, please submit a case in your customer group here in the Jive Community and the next available member of our support team can assist in confirming if this is true.
          2. If you would like assistance developing and troubleshooting custom features in your instance I would suggest reaching out to either:
            1. The Jive Developers space here in the Jive Community if you would like to collaborate with other developers on customizations for your instance
            2. Our Professional Services team can also assist in developing customizations for your instance. If you would like to pursue this option please either reach out to your account manager or submit a case in your customer group and the support team can get an engagement set up for you.