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    Automatcally create access token, refresh token and expiry date data for each user in Jive


      Is there  a way [for Jive] to automatically generate the user access token, refresh token and expiry date for all of our users upfront without them each having to approve an Add-On? We have around 5,000 people in the firm and I wondered if there’s a way Jive could manually create this information in say a csv file and I could then reference that data to populate individual profiles which I’ve created which will  securely store each person’s Jive information (expiry date, access and refresh tokens) in a web application.


      The background to this is that I'm using OAuth2 to call Jive's search API via a browser. It would be preferable to avoid having each user to be initially sent to the  Add-On  authorisation page for the Add-On I've created.


      Lee Brereton has suggested that I raise this as a question