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    News homepage content is out of date on Mondays


      Hello community,


      I manage a medium sized internal community (+300 users) for an office that operates Monday to Friday, 09:00 - 17:00


      I am using the new homepage (News) with all the tiles functionality. The biggest portion of the homepage is populated by Top and Trending and Following content, and is different for every user - which is great!


      However, on Mondays, all the content on the homepage is weird and out of date. Random meeting minutes from 2 years ago and old trending posts float up. This frequently causes confusion and I have to admit it is quite a big impairment of functionality compared to how well Jive normally works for us.


      By Wednesday the content is all up to date again. Then the weekend comes, and as activity plummets, Monday finds us with weird outdated content trending again.


      Does anyone else experience this problem in their community? Any help or feedback is very appreciated.


      All the best,