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    Create via Email in Gmail - Using forwarding rules


      Ok jivers, here's the problem I'm running into:


      I'm trying to set up a forwarding rule in gmail to send particular types of emails to the create via email address provided in the prescribed space. In order to do so, gmail sends a verification email to the "create by email" address with a code I have to enter. This message does not show up in Jive, and I don't know where to find it to access the code. help?

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          Hi Chuck,


          Reviewing through your inquiry the "create by email" feature was not designed to work in the scenario you have outlined above for a couple of reasons:


          1. It is expected a valid user's email address as the "from" in the email sent to the instance

          2. If the message is simply being forwarded the "most recent" portion of the message would be blank. As such, the blank check fails in the incoming mail server, and the message is dropped.


          That being said, the StreamOnce - Email integration might work for your use case, as it allows you to pull external items found in an Exchange distribution list or Google Group into a place's activity stream. 


          Additionally, if you are interested in seeing the specific scenario outlined in your description added to the Product I would recommend submitting an idea to the Ideas for Jive space here in the Jive Community where our Product Managers review through top rated ideas when considering features for future releases.