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    Is updating the All Registered Users group automatic?

    Ian Anderson

      Dear All,

      Just released that the permission group "All Registered Users" on our instance, isn't populated with members - can this be done automatically, and once done is updating when users join automatic?

      Thanks, Ian

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          Hi Ian,


          "All Registered Users" is system defined group. It doesn't populate members but still includes all registered members. It's working completely automated. When you select to use it as a user group to grant permissions for in the space then all registered users will get these permissions. And when new member register to the community then this member will get these same permissions automatically when registration is complete.


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              Hi Teemu,


              Your answer was very helpful! Am wondering if you can clarify something about 'All Registered Users' for me. What happens if we remove the 'All Registered Users' group so it no longer has access to a space? Will users continue to be placed into the 'All Registered Users' group as a default? (we use SSO) Or can we select which user group we want our users to populate as a default?


              Our company works with a couple of partners; Let's say partner A can have access to spaces 2-6. We've created a 'Partner A' user group & added it to spaces 2-6, but in order to exclude them from space 1, we have to somehow remove the 'All Registered Users' from that space. We can create a replacement User Group to catch the users that are being removed (by removing All Registered User group), & that should be seeing that space (that aren't part of partner A).

              I hope that made sense . Because we can't manually remove the users out of All Registered Users, Do you know if this would work?


              Thanks for your help!


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                  Hi Jessica,


                  It's very simple really. When you create space where you want all your registered users to have access to then you add permission level for "all registered users" group. But if you want give permissions to only some "specific" group then you don't add any permissions to "all registered users" group. You just add needed permission level to that "specific" group.


                  You can create multiple users groups for different purposes (as I mentioned as "specific" group). And then you can use these groups to give them different permission levels to different spaces or sub-spaces.


                  Removing any user group permissions from space does not effect to user group itself. User group will remain as it was. Only difference is that now this user group have different access to some space than earlier


                  Like in your case.


                  You have user group "Partner A" and you give them access to spaces 2-6 as you said. Then you create user group "all other users than users in partner A group" and give this group access to space 1. You only use "all registered users" group when you want to give access to all registered users. And some goes with everybody which includes also viewers which are not registered. You can add and remove user groups from space permission levels as you need.


                  I hope you get something useful from this




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