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    Challenge to fix the lobby widget


      hi all, putting this into the community to see if someone can help with a known bug for the lobby widget.


      I have the catalyst plugin and am using the lobby widget. When the page loads, the widget doesn't load any results:

      but when you click 'All topics' or any of the other topics, the results load fine.


      I need the results to come up when the page loads, the fix for which needs to be able to be put into an HTML widget on the page.


      The HTML for the topics list looks like this:


      <div id="jive-lobbywidget-filter-topics" class="jive-lobbywidget-filter jive-content-filter-categories widgetclass_i63KGg">

                          <ul id="filter-topics-list_i63KGg">

                              <li class="jive-lobbywidget-content-filter-all">

                                  <a href="#" class="jive-content-filter-highlight" onclick="ContentFilterHandler_i63KGg.onUserSelection(0); return false;" title="All Topics" id="cati63KGg-0">All Topics</a></li>

                              <li class="jive-lobbywidget-content-filter-topic">

                                  <a href="#" onclick="ContentFilterHandler_i63KGg.onUserSelection(1); return false;" title="business" id="cati63KGg-1">business</a></li>

                              <li class="jive-lobbywidget-content-filter-topic">

                                  <a href="#" onclick="ContentFilterHandler_i63KGg.onUserSelection(2); return false;" title="Social" id="cati63KGg-2">Social</a></li>




      My thoughts for a fix are:


      • to add some javascript to run the 'contentfilterhandler' event but I can't target it as the id's change each time the page loads (see bolded text)
      • run the script that refreshes the list via a refresh button at the top right of the widget. The command that's run is:




      • make the widget default to topic 1 as it's only the 'all topics' that doesn't load first time


      Any thoughts / help would be much appreciated!