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    Changing default view for Producteev tasks?


      When I click the Tasks button in the Outlook Jive toolbar, it defaults to showing all of the tasks in my entire network. I'd prefer to see only the tasks assigned to me by default, as there's too much noise in the whole-network view, but there doesn't seem to actually be any way to change the default view as far as I can tell. It doesn't even use the last selected view (which is something that the web interface does); every time that I open the tasks pane, the view resets to show all tasks in the entire network.


      Am I missing something, or does this functionality not exist in the Outlook plugin?


      Edited to add: After a bit more testing, I'm realizing that it's even worse than I thought: the lack of persistence applies not only to the selected project, but also to the sort key and sort order. I prefer to see tasks in increasing order of due date, but the Outlook plugin resets to decreasing order of modification date every time that I open it.