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    HTML Not Displaying Properly


      A user is trying to add a telephone number into Jive. When pasting the following <a href="tel:nnnn">nnnn<a/> it does not work in HTML Widget/Webpage.


      When you publish a note it reads <a>57993<a/> as a link.


      Any ideas on you to fix this?

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          So I just checked this on the sandbox, and it seems to work fine.  Granted I was an admin.  If it keeps getting stripped, you can do something like this.

          <script type="text/javascript" src="....PATH TO STATIC RESOURCE JS FILE"></script>

          <a class="telephone-link" data-tel="1234" href="#">1234</a>

          and then you can use the jQuery and enrich the <a> with a selector like $('.telephone-link').attr('href',.....) and pull the telephone number from using .data('tel') and set the value of HREF.


          Hope that helps.