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    Change URL of JIVE Instance




      We recently attempted to change the URL of our JIVE instance and it was unsuccessful.


      Out JIVE instance version is:


      Jive SBS


      I followed the documentation in the below URL, however after the change, the system would not load the homepage and a blank white page was displayed.

      Restarting the app server did not resolve the issue



      A decision was made to rollback to the original URL until all the steps required to change the URL change are understood.

      As I could not access the web interface, I had to contact support who instructed me to run a DB query to change the URL back the original.

      The site is up and running again, however the business still requires the URL to be changed.


      Is there a document / URL I can refer to that provides all the necessary steps to change the URL ..?




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          Hi Adam,


          Reviewing through the documentation you linked above this points to the Jive 8 documentation. While the steps should be roughly the same, for Jive 7 you would want to refer to the Changing the jiveURL section of the Jive 7.0 Community Admin Documentation.


          Additionally, if you are seeing an error after going through this process I would recommend submitting a case in your customer group here in the Jive Community as a next step so that the next available member of our support team can review through your instance while the issue is happening to provide next steps.