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    Link to HTML in Custom Tile don't work


      I have a really basic question, but I can't solve it for hours.


      We made a custom tile for our Jive 8 installation. All worked fine.


      No we get user Feedback and want to rework the tile and added a second .html file. What we want to do is a basic link from the view.html to the second .html in the same directory. But it wan't work.


      This is the code in our Footer Navigation



          <nav class="main-navigation">

              <a href="view_en.html">ENGLISH</a>

              <a target="_blank" href="xxx" class="comment">KOMMENTIEREN</a>

              <a href="#" class="main-navigation__link main-navigation__link--search js--main-navigation__link--search">SUCHEN</a>




      When I click on the first Link, the iframe becomes empty. The second link opens a new tab as planned and the third opens the inside search.


      Do you have any suggestions?