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    Uploaded add-on is not shown on settings


      I'm working for Thomson Reuters hackathon, and I appreciate if Jive employees can help at their earliest convenience.


      We have a test instance, hosted at jiveon.com. I do not have administrator privileges, however I can upload an add-on. I'm not sure if I'm a community manager, or if the sandbox flag was turned on.  See below for add-on settings.



      The service URL at received connection after the installation

      This is the sample list tile application generated by  jive-sdk create tile-list command.


      However, when I go to a place, and try to add this tile I do not see it anywhere

      Note that the uploaded add-on is listed in "External Add-on" category on Add-on Management page, but not listed in any of the categories in  "Add a tile" function.


      Do I need some other permissions (I'm not admin), or does Jive instance need to have some configuration changes?


      Thanks in advance,