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    Custom Tile: Create Popover Window




      I'd like to create a custom tile with a popover window, similar to what is done in the "Ask a Question" tile.


      Does anyone have any pointers as to how I could go about doing this? I've tried using the Bootstrap popover component, but since the tile is placed in an iframe, the popover becomes restricted to the space inside the widget. Any help in the matter would be appreciated. Thank you.

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          Scott A Johnson

          The Ask a Question Tile is special since it's out of the box. So it doesn't need an IFrame, which allows it to do the popover.


          Two options could be, creating an action within the tile, which when clicked, opens a lightbox where you can put whatever you want. Basically, its an App.


          instead of doing a popover, modify the markup of the tile page itself using javascript, and then call adjustHeight to resize the tile frame.


          Hope that helps,


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              Thanks for your help Scott. I was hoping there might be functionality built into the Jive SDK that would allow a custom tile to trigger a popover, even if located in an iframe. I'll try out your first suggestion. The second suggestion isn't quite optimal, since it will end up pushing around the content below it, but I appreciate your input on this.


              Best Regards,