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    Gamification course starts July 18 through Coursera

      Hello friends,

      I just saw that the Coursera gamification class starts this coming Monday, July 18.  Unlike some of the other Coursera classes it's not on-demand all year-round - you must follow their syllabus weekly so signing up by 7/18 is important.  The instructor is Kevin Werbach, author of For the Win.



      The class is free or $95 if you would like to earn the certificate.  Last year I took a Content Strategy course through Coursera and it was a great experience.  I have not taken the Gamification course though some others have - check out Free Gamification Course on Coursera started by Ted Hopton.


      Anyway, if you want to take a break from binge watching "Orange Is the New Black" or "Game of Thrones" this could be for you.  (btw, no judgement on binge watching.  I'm all caught up on both of those shows courtesy of bingeing.)


      This is not a sponsored post, the course is technology-agnostic as far as I know, and they are NOT paying me for registrations.


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          I took this class earlier in the year and thought it was really helpful in thinking through the issues around enterprise gamification. The earliest lessons helped define terminology and behavior around tools. At the end the instructor delved back into design strategy and provided some helpful templates for laying out challenges and rewards. There is at least one video specifically on enterprise and business use, and those materials are not as easy to come by.


          During one of the assignments everyone in the class downloaded "Plants and Zombies" to think critically about entering a new gaming environment. I thought the exercise was useful in framing the training materials for our Jive launch and reconnecting to those user fears around-- What environment am I in? How do I navigate? What is a win state? etc.


          Good luck!