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    Place locale settings


      Anyone know what the "Locale" setting does when creating a group?


      Manage > Settings > Advanced Options
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          Hi Mark Bona - I asked the same question, and will dig out the answer -

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            From Nick Hill


            Hey Tanya,


            This setting has been in the product for spaces since Clearspace 1.0. There have been many requests to add it to groups over the years because it's one of the items that forces a customer to use a space over a group. Some customers that want to launch with only groups can't create multi-national communities with groups configured for different langages or geographies.


            I've had this in the backlog for years and was able to put it in last quarter. For regular users that work in a country other than the headquarters - the ability for them to create groups with their team and set the default locale for the group is a nice addition. It obviously won't apply to users that are working in the default locale - which is why we put it in advanced options - so it's possible but not a choice everyone has to consider unless you are looking for it.


            If the locale is not set on the group, the default locale will be whatever you set for your community - likely english, but you could change it if you want.

            If a user has a locale set as a user preference, it will be prioritized over both group and community locales.


            Because this feature was requested by companies with users that work in different languages (the majority of our enterprise customers), we didn't bundle this into group evolution. Group evolution made some significant changes to how group types and permissions work and we didn't necessarily want to couple a net new setting that helped people form groups in their default language with the behavior and permission changes that might take customers some time to understand and adopt.


            We are working internally to improve the label and add some descriptive text for locale so it will be more clear to users what it's for and when to use it.

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              and further to this -  to be honest, couldn't really find a reason for us to use this - as our users are told to set their personal preferences, which apply system wide.


              Nick Hill

              The system uses locale to determine how it should translate all of the labels and text in the application. The locale is determined in the following way:

              1. Check a user preference. If it exists, use that.
              2. If you are in a place, check the locale for the place. If it exists, use that.
              3. Otherwise use the system locale.


              Since communities often contain multiple countries, but can only have one locale, places are used to group together people and content for different countries. If all of the users have their personal locale set, the place setting will basic be a no-op - but for users that haven't set a locale preference the place setting helps the community function better across multiple countries.

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