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    Advocate or champion training / toolkit examples?


      I've established my champion group and we've been up and running / meeting monthly for about 8 months now. In this time, I've noticed that they're all of different skills / background.


      We did some initial training when we rolled out our instance so they knew how to manage their spaces/groups, but now that we're up and running there's just a constant need/demand to keep up with and I find that I'm saying the same things over and over again to people. Despite having created documentation and pointing people to it, they almost ALWAYS need hands-on support or want to 'talk it through' etc.


      So my questions: has anyone created an awesome toolkit that is self-service enough to avoid lots of hand-holding? What's your training program like (bearing in mind I am a one-person resource and the community is not my only responsibility).  Can anyone share an example of their advocate place and what materials you have there to help your advocates/champions?


      Is there a way to design a few page templates for tiles (pre-populated tiles) to take out the guess-work for people? I find that 90% of my use cases could use the same template easily.  I see them missing the first step a lot of not adding the new page as a homepage for example, so they end up adding tiles into the Activity page!  I only happen to see it if i stumble upon the place.


      Any ideas, toolkits or materials are welcomed!