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    Best way to share stuff


      Hi all,


      If I have a group with members and I share content with the group, will it alert the members? Will it alert any followers?  Or will it just show up in the 'content' tab of that place?


      I have a group for my champions and I often share content with them. Do I need to type their names 1 by 1 or could I share with the group set up - BUT would they all be alerted of this share?



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          Kara Francis

          I just tested this with a test account by sharing something with a place (where I am a member and am following in my Inbox with emails turned on for Inbox) as well as with myself.  I got an email when shared with myself, but did not get an email when shared with the place.


          I checked my Jive inbox and I only see the notification for the one shared with myself and not the one shared with the place.  So that explains why I only got one email.  But what is odd is that when you share with a place, you are still presented with a box to input a personal message... Seems deceiving.  Unless I am missing something.


          Maybe someone else has a better answer.

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              Yes I got the same! Which is why I wondered if I was missing something re the sharing with a place.  I have only ever seen it pop up in the content tab as a very 'subtle' way of sharing content into another place.  I'm an admin of my instance and I never see any alerts when content is shared in places (and I see EVERYTHING). I was never too sure about that one.


              The sharing with people I know they'll see.


              I suppose I'll carry on sharing via individual names then!

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                Kara - just clarifying what you saw...


                Did you share the same document into the same space where you were already following? If so, Jive should only send one notification.


                My belief is that if you are following a place in your inbox and you have email notifications turned on in your inbox then you should receive an email alert.


                The only time you wouldn't receive an alert from the place would be when you were already following the Discussion/Document etc. Then you would just receive a single alert from the object being followed.

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                    Just to add to this, I believe this should work i.e. if you are following a group in your inbox (and have emails turned on for inbox) and someone shares something with that group you should receive a notification. However, there is a bug which is preventing this from working: 'JIVE-68965: Group shares should cause email notifications to be sent if user has emails for Following stream enabled'. I have been told that this bug 'has been marked as a must-fix in 2016.3' so hopefully it will work in future!

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                  Toby Metcalf

                  Hi Mia,

                  Ensure the members of the Group are Following it and added it to their streams


                  Streams and Email Notifications | PTC Community




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                    Hi Mia,


                    If you are sharing with more than 1 person, do you know how to set labels to groups? you could have a group of your champions and assign them a color, then when you click the share button, on the right is the little people icon,, click that and a list of users appears, there are links just above it for labels that you have made, from there you just check off who you ant to send it to and click add selected people.


                    if you do not know about how to make a label filter for your connections, there is a document in the user guides that you can download from the community.


                    hope this helps


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