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    upcoming dates on homepage




      Our business has two offices in seperate cities, therefore we've given both offices their own seperate jive landing page. Within their own specific landing pages we are using the upcoming events tile that shows relevant dates affecting that office. However this isn't always the case, we also have business wide dates that need to go on the homepage, but i don't see a tile for the homepage only?


      Can someone tell me if this is possible? I can see 'key dates' is available, but these don't automatically disappear when the date has passed....



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          Hi Shelton,

          Unfortunately upcoming dates is not available on the homepage. However, as you mentioned the Key Dates is available which you might be helpful for your use-case. If this is something you would like to potentially see in a later release I would recommend creating an Idea for it here Ideas for Jive. This will allow others to vote it up and help it gain visibility with our Products team.


          Hope this helps.