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    Issue on advance search  page in updated jive instance (Jive 2016.2.1.0)




      I am facing issue in advance search. I want to search the content from multiple restricted places only. I was able to do that using the following search URL in 2016.1.1.0 :

      https://jivecommunity.com/search.jspa?q=SearchKeyWord&place=/places/placeID&place=/places/placeID &place=/places/placeID & place=/places/ placeID &place=/places/placeID &place=/places/placeID


      But in updated version(2016.2.1.0) I am not able to do the same thing with same URL. Can you please investigate the problem ?


      Could you please give me idea about how to restrict the advance search result to restricted multiple places?

      Ryan Rutan